36 months in, 95 pounds down

A while back I launched a well intentioned blog and Facebook page which, together, operated under a “brand” I hoped to launch, I called it Practically Paleo. I had dreams of being perceived in the low carb weight loss space as an “expert” and longed to make a little side hustle out of product reviews and maybe the occasional speaking engagement or podcast appearance.

A major problem presented itself in my efforts towards achieving this goal: I wasn’t very consistent. My desire to be seen as an expert put me, creatively, in a box where I was afraid to be honest, admit setbacks, and so on. Further, I created a narrative in my head that ALL of the content on my blog HAD to be about diet/weight loss…there was no room, I told myself, for rambling about life’s adventures, or wedding planning, or Baby Yoda.

Somewhere thereafter I started a new twitter profile, @slimredcobb. I set out to use this account, primarily, to engage in conversations about the low carb lifestyle, but also to riff about whatever else I wanted. A balance that leans abut %80 towards #lchf topics has generated just over 450 followers so far which, for me, is an accomplishment. My twitter handle has freed me creatively and its a medium I thoroughly enjoy.

Today — on the eve of my 30th birthday — with the goal of harnessing and amplifying the success and enjoyment I’ve had with my twitter profile so far, I’m shedding the old “Practically Paleo” moniker and consolidating everything under @slimredcobb and Low carb eating will still be the primary focus of my content but I’ll expand my writing to include my thoughts on adventures in marriage, travel, starting a family, a healthy dose of Baby Yoda love, and more. My goal is to be witty and not take myself too seriously. The website will be minimalist and unpretentious. It will be genuinely me, and I’m so happy to have you along for the ride.

Welcome to

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